The satisfaction of our clients is our primary goal.

We are dedicated to giving you our personal attention throughout the design and build process. Remodeling your home is a complicated endeavor, and we have more than 50 combined years of experience in design, construction, and interior design. Take a moment to read through the comments below from our satisfied clients, and you’ll see that you can’t go wrong working with Revolution!

“We really liked our house, location, lot and setting, and knew we needed to do a remodel to make it a fit for our everyday living. We waited six years before we decided to move forward with the project, because we kept coming back to this lot.

“Working with Revolution was a true partnership; they took all of our wants and needs into consideration. We all worked together and settled on a final plan and the lines of communication were always open.

“Sid was flexible enough to make changes on the fly to make the final design result even better. We changed the scope of the project many times throughout and they were very accommodating to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.

“Now the whole house flows better and it’s more welcoming to friends and family. We have our dream home that we designed, and it’sextremely comfortable.”

Melodee & Kelly, Orono

“From our initial meet and greet through the completion of our whole house remodel, working with Sid has been a wonderful partnership. We felt comfortable with them right from the start and especially liked the fact that they both had families with children and could, from both personal and professional experience design a home that would work well for our busy family of two adults, four children, three cats and a dog. They designed a beautiful, functional, space that added significantly to our comfort and enjoyment.

“They really listened to us, and the whole process was very collaborative. You hear nightmare stories about budget overruns and construction delays but working with Revolution has been a dream. Sid presented us with a beautiful design and detailed schedule for the whole 8 month process. All of the subcontractors and tradespeople who worked on the project were very professional. The construction site was always clean and organized. The project finished ahead of schedule! Our new home and new friends are a joy to us.”

Mae & Josh, Minnetonka

“This July, we signed an agreement with Sid of Revolution Design & Build to add a second floor to our home, and totally redo our main floor. We set a budget, and now as we finish in November, we are barely 5% over budget, and every dime is because of upgrades we elected to make along the way.

On July 1, they gave us a detailed project plan that showed we would move into our new home on Friday, Nov. 14. Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 14, we are moving into our new home. Not a single day delayed.

We cannot say enough about the process, the planning, the skilled craftsmen on their crew, and Sid. As you can imagine, the photos don’t even come close to doing it justice. We can’t wait to show our new home to you.”

Britt & Mike, Minneapolis

“The ability of the team at Revolution to take our ideas (and dreams) and turn them into livable, usable and stunning spaces is unparalleled. But the ability to do all of that with true artistry, magnificent craftsmanship, deliver it on-time, and handle our concerns and quirks with compassion and patience is honestly unheard of.

This was an absolutely enormous project done for a family who wasn’t expecting it and didn’t have the luxury of preparing for it. Sid held our hands through the entire process and were there to answer questions, give advice and ultimately celebrate with us and as we watched our rebuilt home quite literally rise from the ashes.

The creativity, quality, and attention to detail are apparent in absolutely every room. If you ever have the option of doing a project like this – big or small, there’s simply no one better to do it. Hands down. Thanks Revolution!”

Debbie & Jed, Hopkins

“Revolution Design and Build did an incredible job on our whole house remodel. When we first met Sid we were impressed with their organized, thoughtful and thorough approach to the planning phase of the project. It was comforting to know exactly what the finished product would look like before construction ever began.

Their design solutions were customized to what our needs were and each space was given the thought it deserved. During construction they partner with people who are incredibly skilled in their individual trades and who take great pride in their work. This craftsmanship and dedication is evident in the finished product.

 Revolution has created and built a smart, strong and beautiful home for our family. We could not have picked better people to be by our side through this adventure!  be by our side through this adventure!”

Louisa & Zach, Minneapolis

“For the past couple of years, we’d been visiting homes on the Remodelers Showcase and were particularly impressed by the quality and creativity of projects completed by Revolution Design and Build. We chose them after receiving glowing recommendations from their past clients, and they did not disappoint – we just love our home!”hat with true artistry, magnificent craftsmanship, deliver it on-time, and handle our concerns and quirks with compassion and patience is honestly unheard of.

Sarah & Miles, Edina

“We just completed a double bathroom reconfiguration/rebuild with Sid Levin and Revolution Design and Build. This was our fourth project designed by Sid, but the first with him in charge and fully responsible with his own company. The fact that we have returned to him time after time speaks to how highly we regard his work. We are thrilled to say that our expectations were fulfilled completely.

To anyone considering hiring Sid, we offer the following  reasons to guide you in your decision: Trust – you will find that you can trust Sid in every aspect of the job.  In other words, you can rest assured that he will: design with your budget in mind, and advise you of any decisions that might cause the costs to escalate; find the best subcontractors and artisans to execute the design; care for your project and your property as if they were his own; keep you informed of the project’s status.

We recommend Sid Levin and Revolution Design and Build highly. We are happy to talk with any prospective client and to show off all of our Sid Levin creations.”

Sally & Jeff, Edina

“Well, it was just a fun project and working with you made it that way. I think that Revolution was a really good fit for my situation. I had heard so many horror stories about remodeling – the mess, the delays, the unexpected costs. None of it ever happened.

I was so impressed with your work ethic, talent, honesty and respect for me and for all of your subcontractors. So many of the guys that were here had only the best to say about you both – ‘Sid is great’, ‘I like working with Sid’ and the like. These comments were all unsolicited.

One thing that impressed me time and again, was that you treated and spoke of your sub-contractors and supplier as equals and with such high regard. That goes a long way.”

Mary, St. Paul

“We chose you for your design experience and personality match. However, throughout the project we became aware of the importance – and strength  – of your construction and process management skills.

“You excel in these areas, and as a new client of yours I had not valued that as much as I do now. We love our “new old” home!

“Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and time!”

Rieke & Craig, Minneapolis

“We had been considering a kitchen remodel for over 10 years.  As a part of our process, we visited countless new and remodeled homes and many home “shows”. We were never fully comfortable and confident with the designers, contractors and other vendors we met. We finally found that “right” connection with Sid.

“Their ideas, creativity, process and likability led us to quickly move ahead with our renovation. Sid developed several different scenarios and eventually drilled everything down to the perfect solutions for our family’s lifestyle. The construction process was efficient and well run. They were on site every day and immediately addressed all of our concerns. As they promised in the beginning, they paid close attention to the budget, timing and details. They nailed all three and delivered a project that matched our expectations exactly. Every day we find ourselves thrilled with the enhancements to our lifestyle that this renovation delivered. We would not hesitate to use Sid for future renovations.”

Stacey & Pete, Minneapolis

“Revolution Design and Build did an incredible job on our home remodel. Not only did Sid accurately interpret and execute what we wanted out of the project, he did so in a very timely manner.

The most amazing thing to me was that Sid put together a day by day schedule of everything that would happen throughout the course of the remodel, and lived up to it to the day! I only wish my own business ran as smoothly!”

Louisa & Zach, Minneapolis

“Personal attention every step of the way – That’s the difference that Sid brought to our project. They got to know our family and designed a kitchen and basement that would let us live and grow in our home, our way.

During construction they made sure we, and the folks working on our home, knew what to expect everyday. Everyone working on our home has said what a pleasure it is to work on such an organized, well communicated project.

That means not only do we get  Sid and his personal attention, we get great  subcontractors who understand our project and want to do their best.”

Katrina & Hal, Plymouth

“We faced two challenges in writing a testimonial for Revolution Design and Build. The first was not being so boastful where we appear insincere, having been bribed or assumed to be family members. The second was presenting a positive attribute not already expounded upon in other testimonials. Simply put, our relationship with Revolution Design and Build has been the most rewarding in our 21 years of home ownership.”

Jan & Iain, Apple Valley