Tomás Adams | Architectural Designer


Tomás has been passionate about architecture and how space and form can tangibly touch our lives since the tenth grade. Creativity is not something that you can teach or really learn. It is a gift that some of us have in modest amounts, and others in overflowing levels. From the first time we met him, it was clear that Tomás was similar to us in one very important way: he was lucky enough to have found a profession that matched his skill set. While he may be the youngest member of our design team, he holds his own with Emily and Sid when we think and talk about space and form, creating three-dimensional experiences, and altering details to better suit our clients.

A Fresh Vision

Growing up in Colombia and going to college in Monterrey, Mexico is quite a different background from our Minnesota “born and bred” design team. His architectural studies were far different than what Emily and Sid experienced at the University of Minnesota. His five-year degree from Tecnológico de Monterrey included a pit stop in an intensive program at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy. Having a fresh set of eyes is one thing – having a creative background founded in different living patterns and urban experiences brings another level of knowledge and familiarities in different ways of solving the challenges and opportunities that architecture affords us. Our clients are fortunate to have his mind on their projects, and it shows up in their homes.  


Tomás has an unwavering belief in the power of creativity. It is one thing to “posses” creativity, it is another to know how to use it. As we learned from Uncle Ben in Spider Man, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Tomás knows that he can affect your daily life by the architecture we surround you with – his desire to actively involve our clients in the design process means that he finds the process of learning your unique needs and desires paramount to our success. We may hold the expertise, but only through this thoughtful and collaborative process of understanding YOU, can we unlock the true potential of your home, to sculpt spaces for you that blend form and function, resulting in a home that is both visually striking and highly practical. 

World Traveler

If you look in Webster’s Dictionary under “Extroverted” you will find a picture of Tomás’ grinning face. He finds comfort in travel, exploration, and forming connections with new individuals and places – never a stranger for long, he can find a new place or meet a new person every weekend. And when the time arrives to travel, it’s likely far than near. He is strongly rooted in his family, and he delights in time with his parents, two siblings and two nephews. Janet, his high school sweetheart, is the ever-blossoming part of his life, as they navigate their relationship together. Tomás knows that his family, his love, and his friends and colleagues all play a role in shaping who he is and who he will eventually evolve to be. Yet another member of our remarkable team, Tomás is ever-committed to delivering the architectural solutions necessary to bring your home to the exceptional result you hope it to find.