Sid Levin | Principal


Sid works with his clients to create design/build solutions through his time-tested, in-depth, lifestyle-based interview process. Intimately focused on the needs of his clients, Sid respects each homeowner as unique. The goal is a perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and investment. Once the design solution is realized, the partnership moves naturally to an easy, anxiety-free construction process. Sid’s expert communication and critical organizational skills provide a finished result that finishes on-time and exceeds expectations.


Accountability and responsibility go hand in hand at Revolution Design and Build. You have entrusted us with your home, your sacred space. We pledge to listen, act smartly and design creatively. Our team takes the stewardship of your experience as a partnership, committing ourselves to act with all of our faculties and skills to make your new home as perfect for you as we can. That includes artistry and craftsmanship, thoughtfulness with your budget, staying timely and communicative, and honest with all of our advice. It is a special gift to be awarded the opportunity to make a home for a family, and we honor that with all of our abilities.


Active in the design/build industry following two years of Master’s degree studies at the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture in 1992, Sid’s work has been featured in Midwest Home, Better Homes and Gardens: Remodeling Ideas, Mpls/StPaul Magazine, Kitchen & Bath Design News, Lake Minnetonka Magazine, Qualified Remodeler, and Lakestyle, among other publications. Professional Remodeler Magazine recently featured Sid in an article about dynamic kitchen design. Sid holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Carleton College.


As a newly dubbed “empty nester,” the learning experience of fatherhood has morphed into the fun experience of loving and caring for my adult children as they flex their adultedness while I get to take a little more time for me. You hope the lessons that came naturally during shooting hoops or playing catch, playing with Legos, coaching their teams on the field, or camping in the Boundary Waters, leave a lasting mark as they mature. Whether its together as a whole family, or one-on-one, Sid still cherishes spending time with his adult children, Mitch, Lily, Harry and Aidan. Sid’s sensitive and childlike personality helps him connect with not only his own kids, but those he coaches. Encouraging young people to bring out the best in themselves and make the most of their experiences provides him a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Having coached in the Minnetonka Baseball Association for nearly twenty years, Sid now enjoys his role as assistant coach on the Robbinsdale Cooper Varsity baseball team.

Sid lives in Excelsior in a home that no longer contains a square inch that has not been remodeled, including a few areas more than once!