Phontay Lindsey | Production Superintendent

Duty Bound

Phontay has never met a problem he wasn’t willing to try solving. From conquering a mess, to re-handing a door lock, Phontay moves quietly and effectively, making all our projects purr like kittens. The day-to-day operations of the Revolution world flow smoothly thanks to his attention to detail. He makes sure your home is treated pleasantly, respectfully, and with great security and peace of mind as he glides from one project to the next. And when he finds something amiss, or a trade partner in need, Phontay is the Man – taking care of whatever needs doing. Knowing Phontay is there operating in the background gives not just us, but our clients, the peace of mind that all is well in the midst of the topsy-turvy world of building and remodeling your home.


Phontay is a big-picture guy. A gentle giant. A caring, thoughtful, and articulate man that reminds everyone around him of the importance of living in a world where we all know it takes a village. Phontay is accountable but holds his teammates accountable as well. He demands respect yet gives it freely. We look at the work we do to your home as not just a surface-level change (prettier) but an alteration of the way you live in your home. We make it easier, more friendly, and less anxiety-creating. Phontay embodies those characteristics as a human. 

City Guy

A Saint Paul native, Phontay adores his family and his hometown. When he isn’t volunteering somewhere, bringing things to the homeless, taking his boys out for a new pair of shoes or a haircut, or helping out at his parents’ house with some chores, he’s walking Summit Hill with a weight vest, hitting the golf links, or enjoying some local music or dining at one of his favorite locales.