Emily Capaul | Project Architect


While Emily may be a little newer to the field than Sid, she still brings tremendous knowledge and passion for sustainability and green initiatives. With a Bachelor of Architecture and minor in Sustainability Studies from the University of Minnesota, Emily is constantly on the lookout for ways to make your renovations or new home more eco-friendly. Architecture and Interior Design can make a positive impact on the environment if you don’t lose your focus during the process. Some big, some small, they all make a difference, and she delights in helping our clients make those choices.


Having more than one option is one of the fundamental reasons we think our clients are so happy with the finished results of their projects. Emily is never shy to weigh-in and/or suggest alternatives that may not have crossed anyone’s mind. Incredibly imaginative and thoughtfully cognizant of the composition of the spaces of your home, Emily delights in creating unique and artistic expressions of your space. She stays abreast of all the new styles, colors, textures, and architectural compositions being realized in this ever-changing field and helps incorporate that beauty into your home. We want your home to be the perfect reflection of you, and sometimes, you need a skilled set of mirrors to help you see it come to fruition. Emily has a great way of helping you figure out what your style is and how to bring that into your home.


Emily and her high-school sweetheart and husband Clint have been together since they were sixteen. They love to travel and enjoy the great outdoors, whether that be camping in the North Woods or hiking the mountains of Norway. Emily is especially close to her sisters, and enjoys spending time with them at concerts, dog parks, lakes or trying out the newest places to eat. Clint and Emily share their Eden Prairie home with their Aussie dog, Reggie.