Courtney Kusick | Architectural Designer


Courtney joined our team fresh from graduating from the University of Minnesota in Architecture. Architecture school can be a very theoretical based experience, where things like pattern, light, space, rhythm, and proportion dominate conceptual design. Joining our staff allows her to get grounded in the reality of the human scale, social interaction and activities, and practical things such as window and door sizes, construction materials, and the process. We get to enjoy her enthusiasm and excitement for learning while gaining yet another educated opinion. Win, win. 


As a former softball player (catcher), Courtney understands the importance of both playing the role in front of her as well as doing what she can to help her teammates succeed in theirs. Ever-ready, enthusiastic, and willing to do whatever it takes to complete the project, Courtney excels when she is called upon. And, of course, being the youngest member of our team, it qualifies her as our new IT-person. Emily is happy about that. 

Another Minnesotan, Born and Bred

Courtney hails from Austin, Minnesota, one of the southern-most towns in Minnesota and home of Hormel plant made famous for producing everyone’s favorite lunch meat, SPAM. Her small-town upbringing adds a gentle perspective on the space-planning we design around our busy lives.