cedar lake modern transformation

Our clients’ frustration with their tired, multi-leveled, 1935 Art Deco home was palpable. Accomplishing their desires to simplify, modernize, and create a one-level-living floor plan from this home would be a challenge. With local City zoning ordinances requiring a very strict adhesion to a significant portion of the existing home, and the fact that the house sits on a bluff, we would be forced to work around several obstacles to accomplish their goals.

With the garage at the top of the hill, and the house at the bottom, we created a plan to raze the upper portion of the front of the house and place an entirely new level atop the original back and main level of the home. Allowed to change siding materials but keep fenestrations in “existing” walls, we crafted a design that belies the original home in every way.

Unique lines and materials create a lively and dynamic vision inside and out, giving this house an exceptional spirit. Overlooking the downtown skyline with a tree-line view from the bluff, it sits anchored at the back at the alley.