Adam Adey | Project Manager

Commitment to Quality

There are quick and easy and cheap ways to build homes. He’s seen that in the past. But at Revolution Design and Build, we are committed to building it right. Yes, we have a reputation for finishing when we say we are going to be finished, To The Day. But don’t let that suggest we will rushing through the craftsmanship and details to get there. Generally speaking, every tradesperson that works on your home is an accomplished technician of their craft, but everyone has bad days, they’re human. Adam is adept at seeing the miscues and making sure everyone gets that second chance to make it right. Your house is going be filled with beautiful things to look at when we are all done. But making sure all the stuff you can’t see, hiding in the walls, is just as beautiful. For Adam, a well-soldered pipe fitting or an eloquently framed archway are just as gorgeous and desirable as a stunning stone island counter top or a cool light fixture. Each part of your home will be built with precision, thoughtfulness, and care. You can thank Adam for that. He’s got you.

No Dumb Questions

Adam will listen to your questions and concerns patiently until you feel heard. We know remodeling and building like the back of our hands, but you don’t. We know it is important to you to know the answers to: Why are you doing that? When will they be here? When can we use our kitchen again? Does this look weird to you? How long will that take? Is this right? Will you fix that? You got the questions? He’s got the time to listen and generally all the answers you are looking for (or who to check with if he doesn’t). He will get back to you within a reasonable timeframe and won’t forget what you said. Having a guy like him run your project will let you sleep at night and pay attention to what matters: your family, your friends, your job, your hobbies. We’ll take care of the house.

Responsible, Reliable, Relatable

Adam has two precious little children that join him in his love of Minnesota’s great outdoors. Adam feels a personal sense of responsibility towards nature. He loves being on the water, in the woods, up at the cabin, and out on the prairie, all the while protecting the wildlife and habitats that make Minnesota such a rich wilderness. His affinity to the outdoors generally finds him going somewhere on the weekends where he can share in all that Minnesota has to offer, whether recharging over a campfire or foraging for mushrooms. It thus comes as no surprise that this translates into his professional passion for building smart, green, reliable and responsible homes and additions that will last the test of time.